Who Will Bring Us To God?


Can it be bought by our good works?

Or do we have to be brought to God?

Find The Answer in this audio message from 1 Peter 3.


For doing what is right?! This Answer is for you!

This Is My Story: Bill Logan

In November 2007, my world crumbled…

The doctor told me that I had Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. How could this be? I was physically active, reasonably athletic and fairly strong. Since I had seen my sister die from this very same cancer some ten years earlier, I thought that in a matter of months, I would die also.

Having been raised in a Christian home, I was very aware of how the grace of God should be demonstrated in a believer’s life. The Bible shows us over and over the glory of God, but it was because of man’s rebellion against Him that the sentence of death was placed on all mankind. The Bible also tells us that Christ paid this penalty with His own life, and took my sins upon Himself. Though I had received Christ as a young boy, I had been living my life “my way.”

I believe that God brought this cancer into my life to show me that I had not yet fully embraced Christ as the Lord of my life. I started not only reading His word but studying it as well. As I studied, I started highlighting passages that seemed to be speaking directly to me. These passages revealed promise after promise of God’s mercy, wisdom, joy, and peace.

As treatments progressed in early and mid 2008, a stem cell transplant was recommended. My wife and I knew that this would involve a lengthy hospital stay. (more…)

This Is My Story: Angie Oestreich

I grew up in an ideal American home, with an ideal American life, surrounded by the ideal American family. Though I wouldn’t consider myself spoiled, I pretty much had everything I really wanted. Life was easy, I was so very blessed, yet was so dissatisfied and empty.  I remember feeling so bored and “boxed in” in my ideal box of perfect surroundings.

I had learned every Bible story, and I had all the Books of the Bible memorized in order. I had been taught about God all my life, yet I knew that  even the demons know that there is one God believe and tremble.1 I knew there had to be more to knowing God, so I cried out to God to give me real joy and real hope in my life. I had never found my satisfaction in Jesus Christ and in Him alone. I begged God to show me His intimate friendship with Abraham, His deep love for David, and the respect He showed to Stephen when He stood at the right hand of God to witness his stoning. I wanted a real relationship with the Maker of all, the God of Eternity, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel, the one true God of the Bible. I didn’t want to just feel good in going through the motions of obeying my moral law and living right. I wanted to make God the Lord and Savior of my life, so that I could be righteous and special in His sight. God’s promise is that If you seek God you will find Him, if you search with all your heart.2

Here is what I discovered and I want you to know what I found (more…)

Failures Aren’t Finished

The Apostle Peter was conscious of the failures in his own life.  This biographical series is designed to explain these failures and to show why “failures aren’t finished.” Click on the players below to listen to each of these broadcasts.


Failures aren’t finished, part 2


Failures aren’t finished, part 3

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