Romans Series: Message 1, Romans 1:1-16, Dr. David Shumate

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 1: The Need to Know (1:1-16)

Dr. David Shumate

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Introduction: Nobody learns anything until they have “the need to know.”

Problem: Sometimes believers do not realize their need for the ministry of the Gospel in their lives.

Theological Truth: God has sent us His special message by the hand of His special messenger in order to make us firm and fruitful in the Gospel.

Our Response: We must eagerly listen to, meditate upon and apply what Paul is going to teach us about the Gospel.

In this text we see three powerful motivations for us as believers to listen carefully to what the Apostle Paul will say to us in this book.

I.    We must listen to him because his authority is from Jesus Christ Himself. (1:1-7)

(Note the numerous references to Jesus Christ in these seven verses.)
A.    Jesus Christ is his master (vs. 1)
B.    Jesus Christ is his message (vs.2-4)
C.    Jesus Christ is his mission (vs. 6-7)

II.    We must listen to him because his passion is for our advancement in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (1:8-15)
A.    He has a passion for God’s people (vs. 8-12)

1.  He is thankful for their testimony (vs.8)
2.  He prays for an opportunity to minister to them.  (vs. 9-12)

B. He has a passion for Gospel preaching. (vs. 13-15)
1.  He wanted the Gospel to bear fruit in Rome (vs. 13)
2.  He was ready to preach the Gospel in Rome (vs.14-15)

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III.      We must listen to him because his message is the most important thing that we will ever hear (vs. 16)
A.    It is a message that releases the power of God (“it is the power of God”)
B.    It is a message that brings blessing of God (“unto salvation”)
C.    It is a message that shows the grace of God (“to everyone that believeth”)
D.    His message fulfills the plan of God (“to the Jew first and also to the Greek”)

Conclusion:  What are you going to do this week?

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