Romans Message 10, Romans 12

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 10: The Illustration of the Gospel Among the Believers (Ch. 12)

Dr. David Shumate

Problem: The lives of believers often fail to reflect the Gospel that they preach.

Theological Truth: The Gospel demonstrates the power of God in creating a Christian community that truly glorifies God.

Our Response: We must live our lives in service to God in light of the transforming power of the Gospel.

Introduction: Paul has demonstrated the greatness of the Gospel as (1) the only way for sinners to be right with a righteous God; (2) the source of genuine peace with God; and (3) the instrument of God’s all-wise plan for the ages. Now the responsibility rests upon us. Paul wants us to have a part in the Great Commission. This participation has to include living out the truths of the gospel in our daily walk.

After Paul states his theme for this part of the book in 12:1-2 he shows how the Gospel is the basis for humble service in the church, a genuinely virtuous life, and spiritual victory over evil.

I.    Theme statement: The Gospel is the basis of a transformed life of service to God (12:1-2)
A.    The mercies of the Gospel are the motivation for spiritual service (vs. 1)
B.    The realities of the Gospel are the basis for spiritual transformation (vs. 2)

II.    The Gospel is the basis for humble use of one’s spiritual gifts (12:3-8)
A.    Our identification with Christ makes us members one of another (vs. 3-5)
B.    Our reception of grace assigns to us our responsibility (vs. 6-8)

III.    The Gospel is the basis for genuine spiritual virtues (12:9-21)
A.    Genuine love (vs. 9-10)
B.    Genuine labor (vs. 11-12)
C.    Genuine kindness (vs. 13-15)
D.    Genuine harmony (vs. 16-18)

IV.    The Gospel is the basis for spiritual victory over evil (12:19-21)
A.    Spiritual victory means not being defeated by evil (vs. 19)
B.    Spiritual victory means overcoming evil with good (vs. 20)

1.    Are you trying to live the Christian life in the power of the flesh?
2.    Are you humbly using your spiritual gifts in concert with other believers in the Great Commission?
3.    Can you identify one specific area in which the Holy Spirit is working on your life?
4.    Do you manifest genuine spiritual power to overcome evil?

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