Romans Message 11, Romans 13

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 11: The Illustration of the Gospel in our Public Testimony (Ch. 13)

Dr. David Shumate

Problem: Believers sometimes fail to interact properly with this world.

Theological Truth: God has placed His people throughout the unsaved world so that they might be a testimony of the Gospel.

Our Response: We must manifest our genuine belief in the Gospel by the way we behave toward the unsaved world.

Introduction: Unlike the nation of Israel, the new people of God must live in diverse cultures alongside and under the authority of unsaved people. Because our mission is the advancement of the Gospel, we must live in such a way as to adorn the Gospel.

Paul demonstrates three very important areas of our lives among the unsaved in which it is imperative that we behave in such a way as to adorn the Gospel.

I.    The Gospel is adorned by genuine submission to secular rulers (13:1-7)
A.    This submission is based on the source of authority (vs. 1-2)
B.    This submission is based on the purposes of authority (vs. 3-5)
C.    This submission must include the support of the authority (vv. 6-8)

II.    The Gospel is adorned by genuine love for one’s neighbor (13:8-10)
A.    Love is the one “unpaid obligation” we should have toward others (vs. 8a)
B.    Love is the one principle that sums up the moral duties of the law (vs. 8b-9)
C.    Love will always result in appropriate behavior toward one’s neighbor (vs. 10)

III.    The Gospel is adorned by genuine purity of life (13:11-14)
A.    The motive for purity: the approaching completion of our salvation when we see the Lord (vs. 11)
B.    The metaphor for purity: putting off the works of darkness and putting on the armor of light (vs. 12)
C.    Examples of purity: laying aside the immoral pagan practices (vs. 13)
D.    The choice of purity: choosing Christ instead of the flesh as the operative principle of my daily life (vs. 14)

1.    Do you believe that God has established and that He controls authorities?
2.    Do you understand that your chief obligation for living in this world (this country, this city, etc.) is the Great Commission?
3.    Are you living as one that expects at any moment to meet the Lord and receive your reward?

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