Romans Message 13, Romans 15:14-16:27

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 13: The Believers’ Partnership in the Gospel Ministry (15:14-16:27)

Dr. David Shumate

Problem: We all have a tendency to think that the Gospel is ultimately about what is done for us and in us.

Theological Truth: Although what God has done for us is the foundation of our Christian life, God is also concerned about what He is going to do through us.

Our Response: We view ourselves as active partners in the Great Commission.

Introduction: Paul has concluded both his doctrinal exposition and his practical exhortations. Now he concludes the letter by informing the Roman Christians of his ministry plans so that they can be prepared to help him by action and prayer. He also commends to them faithful fellow workers and warns them of false teachers. Finally he blesses them in words that sum up his teaching concerning the Gospel of God.

I.    If we are to participate effectively in the Great Commission, we need to be instructed by those that God has given to us (15:14-21)
A.    We are never to mature to need reminding and clarification of the truths of the Gospel (15:14-16)
B.    We must respect the authority and ministry of our spiritual leaders (15:17-21)

II.    If we are to participate effectively in the Great Commission, we must help God’s servants (15:22-33)
A.    By means of practical support and encouragement (15:22-29)
B.    By means of powerful prayer (15:30-33)

III.    If we are to participate effectively in the Great Commission, we must understand the nature of working in a team (16:1-27)
A.    We must acknowledge the many and varied partners that we have in the ministry (16:1-16)
B.    We must understand how to respond to avoid infiltrators (16:17-20)
C.    We must understand that others work in a team as well (16:21-23)
D.    We must remember whose team we are on (16:24-27)

1.    How teachable are you when it comes to the principles and practices of the Gospel?
2.    In what ways can you practically participate in the ministry of the Great Commission?
3.    How can you more clearly see missions as a team effort?

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