Romans Message 4, Romans 5:1-21

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 4: The Unsurpassed Blessing of the Gospel (5:1-21)

Dr. David Shumate

Problem: Believers are often discouraged and fearful in their Christian lives.

Theological Truth: The Gospel not only justifies us but it completely changes our relationship with God.

Our Response: We must not only believe the Gospel, but we must rest and rejoice in the Gospel.

1.    In the last section (1:17-4:24) Paul explained and defended the Gospel as consisting of justification by faith alone.
2.    In this section (chapters 5-8) he shows the profound implications of the Gospel for the lives of the believers. The theme verse for this section is Romans 5:1: “Being therefore justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
3.    He begins with a summary of the believer’s new standing with Christ as a result of justification (vs. 1-11). Then he shows that the Gospel has removed us from the dominion of sin and law and has placed us in the dominion of righteousness and grace (5:12-7:25). Finally Paul shows that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit frees us from defeat and discouragement and grants us victory and hope (8:1-25).

In the text we will look at today, Paul summarizes the profound nature of the change in our relationship with God (5:1-11) and the cosmic scope of the change in our relationship with God (5:12-21).

I.    Believers can rest and rejoice in the profound change in our relationship with God (vs. 1-11)
A.    We have been permanently restored to the divine favor (vs. 1-2)
B.    We have been made beneficiaries of God’s providence (vs. 3-5)
C.    We have been given an understanding of God’s profound love (vs. 6-10)
D.    We have been given the privilege of rejoicing in God (vs. 11)

II.    Believers can rest and rejoice in the cosmic change in our relationship with God (vs. 12-21)
A.    Contrast between Adam and Christ (vs. 16-17)
B.    Parallels between Adam and Christ (vs. 12-14)
C.    Implications of the change from Adam to Christ (vs. 18-21)

Concluding Questions:
1.    What would you give to have this kind of favor with God? What do you have to give? Nothing whatsoever!
2.    What would be the effect on your life and testimony if your thinking were constantly controlled by the truth of God’s favor toward you?

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