Romans Message 6, Romans 8

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 6: Liberty from Condemnation and Defeat  CH. 8

Dr. David Shumate

Problem: In spite of the fact that they are justified, Christians still must live in a corrupted body on a fallen planet.

Theological Truth: Genuine believers know that through the Gospel they are guaranteed ultimate victory over the world the flesh and the Devil.

Our Response: We must live in the light of our security in Christ.

Introduction: Additional thought on Romans chapter 7. Paul is making the argument for the importance of being freed from the system of law keeping because the law by its nature is unable either to save or to sanctify.

In contrast to the system of law keeping which was dependent on the flesh for compliance and therefore results in condemnation, the Gospel guarantees our salvation, our sanctification and our glorification.

I.    The Flesh cannot condemn or defeat us because we have a New Ruler on the thrones of our hearts (vs. 1-13)
A.    The replacement of the rule of the Flesh by the rule of the Spirit was accomplished by the work of Jesus Christ
(vs. 1-4)
B.    The replacement of the rule of Flesh by the rule of the Spirit guarantees life and peace rather than death and hostility (vs. 5-11)
C.    The replacement of the rule of the Flesh by the rule of the Spirit obligates us to choose the Spirit over the Flesh
(vs. 12-13)

II.    Suffering and problems cannot condemn or defeat because we have been made sons and heirs of God (vs. 14-30)
A.    The evidence that we are sons and heirs (vs. 14-17)
B.    The hope that comes from being sons and heirs (vs. 18-25)
C.    The result of being sons and heirs (vs. 26-30)

III.    Nothing and nobody can condemn or defeat us because we are secure in Gods all-conquering love (vs. 31-39)
A.    The demonstration of God’s love for us (vs. 31-34)
B.    The invincibility of God’s love for us (vs. 35-39)

Concluding Questions:
1.    In what areas can you put to death the evil deeds of the body through the Spirit?
2.    Are you afraid that you will never amount to anything for God? How does the thought of being a joint heir with Jesus Christ affect your determination to press on in your Christian life?
3.    What is one of the “all things” that you can thank God for as He is fitting you for your eternal ministry and glory?

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