Romans Message 8, Romans 9:32-10:21

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 8: The Rejection of the Gospel and Man’s Responsibility (9:32-10:21)

Dr. David Shumate

Problem: People make all kind of excuses for not receiving Christ.

Theological Truth: There is no valid excuse for people to reject the Gospel.

Our Response: We must hold men accountable by earnestly and clearly proclaiming the Gospel to them.

Introduction: In Chapters 9-11, Paul is dealing with the problem of the rejection of the Gospel by the majority of the Jews. He deals with this problem from several aspects. These aspects relate to the problem of evil.

We saw in Romans 9:1-31 that the failure of people to accept the Gospel in no way diminishes God’s sovereignty. Paul now moves on to show that people’s  rejection of the Gospel is their own fault.

I.    The rejection of the Gospel is a willful decision: Israel’s rejection was due to their rejection of God’s plan (9:32-33).
A.    Israel incorrectly sought to be justified by their works instead of by faith (9:32a)
B.    Israel was offended by the thought that they must trust in their Messiah to be justified (9:32b)
C.    God prophesied that those would be saved who trusted in the One who would be an offense to others (9:33) (See Isa. 8:14; 28:16)

II.    The rejection of the Gospel is a foolish decision: Israel rejected a simple, easy way of salvation in favor of an impossibly complicated and difficult way of salvation (10:1-13)
A.    Israel’s was wasting a tremendous amount of effort to obtain God’s righteousness (10:1-4)
B.    There was no good reason for them to prefer their way to God’s way (10:5-13)

III.    The rejection of the Gospel is a culpable decision: Israel had no excuse for trying to obtain righteousness through the Law instead of through faith in Christ (10:14-21)
A.    The Gospel has been proclaimed to them by God-called preachers (vs. 14-18)
B.    The Gospel was illustrated through the salvation of the Gentiles (vs. 19-21)

Concluding questions:
1.    If you are trusting in your privilege or your own goodness instead of in Christ, what excuse do you have?
2.    Does the rejection of the Gospel by those to whom you witness a blow to your faith? Do you think that you have failed?

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