Romans Message 9, Romans 11:1-36

Romans: The Gospel of God

Message 9: The Rejection of the Gospel and God’s Goodness (11:1-36)

Dr. David Shumate

Introduction: The broad way and the narrow way.

Problem: Christians can feel extremely lonely and defeated in a nation that is turning its back on its godly heritage.

Theological Truth: God is accomplishing His good and glorious purpose even in the midst of apostasy.
Our Response: We must humbly continue to praise God regardless of how the spiritual battle seems to be going.

Review: In Chapters 9-11, Paul is dealing with the problem of the rejection of the Gospel by the majority of the Jews. He deals with this problem from several aspects. These aspects relate to the problem of evil.

We saw in Romans 9 and 10 that the failure of Israel was not outside of God’s sovereignty, although it was Israel’s own fault. In chapter 11 he goes on to demonstrate that this failure serves a divine purpose.

I.    The salvation of a remnant shows God’s faithfulness (vs.1-10)
A.    The remnant as a historical reality (vs. 1-4)
B.    The remnant as a manifestation of God’s grace (vs. 5-6)
C.    The remnant as heirs to the promises (vs. 7-10)

II.    The fall and restoration of God’s people shows His goodness and justice (11:11-24)

A.    The fall of Israel is an opportunity for the Gentiles and for the Jews (vs. 11-15)
B.    The fall of Israel is an encouragement and a warning to the Gentiles (vs. 16-24)

III.    God’s dealings with Jews and Gentiles display His mercy and wisdom (11:25-32)
A.    Both the fall and restoration of Israel serve a good purpose (vv. 25-29)
B.    Both the Jews and Gentiles are shown to be in need of God’s mercy because of their unbelief (vs. 30-32)

IV.    Conclusion: The problem of the rejection of the Gospel has demonstrated the unspeakable wisdom of God (vs. 33-36)

1.    Do we really believe that when it comes to the Great Commission that God can turn problems into projects?
2.    Do we really believe that at the end of the day God’s plan will result in the greatest good for His creation and the greatest glory for His name?
3.    Are we willing to admit that God’s ways are higher than our ways?

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