This Is My Story

  Asia Michaleun

My family and I emigrated from Laos when I was one year old.  We lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for five years waiting to come to America.  During our time there, God had a plan for us to come to America at just the right moment.  In 1991, that moment came in a form of an approval for us to finally leave the camp.My family moved around for a few years in the States.  We lived in four different cities before we got to where we live now; this is where I first heard about the Gospel.


. . .one January night in 1972, I was stopped at a railroad crossing. I hardly noticed three men in the shadows until one of them opened the passenger door and said, “Goin’ that way?” motioning toward the plant. I said, “Yes.”  They climbed in, and I drove. Then I felt the cold steel of a muzzle against my neck and heard the unmistakable “click” of the safety switch of a semi-automatic handgun. . .

. . .during that ride, the three men repeatedly threatened my life. I was resigned to die if that was God’s will.  When one of the men said, “Stop the car and get out,” I thought, surely this was my “appointed time. . .”

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Freedom From Fear  by David Oestreich

I lived most of my childhood gripped with fear.  Even though my parents claimed to be Christians and took us to church every Sunday, their relationship was very volatile.

Arguments erupted all too frequently, and, often, my parents’ anger with one another spilled over onto their children.  Even during relatively peaceful moments, an undercurrent of high tension coursed just below the calm appearance. . .

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Mary Dauer

When I was three years old, my father died of a heart attack. This left my mother with five children between the ages of three and thirteen.

It was very hard on all of us, especially my mother because she had to work full time as well as be our only parent. I was especially concerned about losing my mother; sometimes I would stare at her as she slept to make sure that she was breathing… read more

Laura Lindwall

It’s strange how God could use a jungle gym and a tomato allergy to bring me to the assurance that I would go to heaven when I died. But He did just that.

When my family entered a Bible church for the first time, I was eight years old and unaware that I needed God.

This is my story …

Bonnie Culver

I was a busy General Manager of a large hotel when one day I completely lost control of my whole left side. While working that morning, I suddenly could not walk very well nor could I use my left hand properly.

At the hospital, the doctors performed a series of tests. It became apparent to me that things were serious when the E.R. doctor came to my room the next day to make certain that I was alive. According to him, if I had arrived at the hospital ten minutes later, I would have been dead. After a few tests, a doctor concluded that I had three cancerous brain tumors. This is my story of how I found the strength to face this devastating situation.

Mary Haley

The neighbor had seen him run the same stop sign many times. One evening as usual the farmer was drunk and as usual he ran the stop sign, but this time there was a car approaching with a mother, a father, and two young children inside.

I am that mother, and this is my story of how God led me to Himself.

Bill Logan

In November 2007, my world crumbled…

The doctor told me that I had Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. How could this be? I was physically active, reasonably athletic and fairly strong.

Since I had seen my sister die from this very same cancer some ten years earlier, I thought that in a matter of months, I would die also. This is my story.

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Jan Milton

The personal testimony of the director of Operation Renewed Hope.